One Step Closer to the Cure

Bull Fitness

Overcoming Obstacles Challenges

Obstacle #1 LEG BURNER

Walking lunges around the fountain followed by 30 squat jumps. 

Obstacle #2 BIG TIRE WALL

You will be required to run through the tires with your feet landing in the space in the middle of the tire and not on top.  Make sure you get your knees up or you will be tasting rubber.  Then climb over the wall of tractor tires that are bigger than any tractor tire your grandpa had on the farm.

Obstacle #3 TIRE CARRY

A pile of tires will be waiting for you to carry them around the circle track.  Guys take two and girls take one.  Carry them however you want, but don’t put them down.  You must be carrying them to move forward.


There will be a series of hurdles in front of you.  Go under the low ones and over the high ones.  They will be followed by 3 of what we call our “short” walls.  You must go over all of them.  If these are hard, just wait to you see the “tall” one.


By now you are probably going to be a little tired, so lets do some obstacles that require concentration.  First you will have to steady yourself over balance beams.  Don’t worry they aren’t high, but if you fall off you must go to the side and complete 20 push ups.  Then climb the cargo net.  This is no ladder.  You will have to focus to get over.  Then back to the good ole days on the playground with monkey bars.  It used to be fun, but I have a feeling it will be a little harder now that you are a grown up.  Everyone must attempt, but if you fall off you must compete 20 push ups and 10 squat jumps.

Obstacle #6 BURPEES

Something that sounds so simple has never been so exhausting.  To complete a true burpee you must squat down, put your hands on the ground, throw your legs out straight, complete a full push up, bring the legs back underneath your body and JUMP up.  The first one may not sound bad, but now you have to do 30.  You must do the push up and jump for the burpee to count.

Obstacle #7 STAIRS
Elevators are too slow and not nearly as much fun as a bunch of stairs.  Run where legends have played.  You will work your way into Al Lang Stadium.  If you haven’t been in there before, don’t worry we will show you every step.  You will enter through the west entrance and exit through the east exit and just for good measure there are steps at the entrance and exit too.  This will be a nice almost finisher to the not so fresh legs.  Get up the steps one, two or three at a time.  Just make sure you get up them.  There is no push up substitute for this one.

Obstacle #8 THE FINISHER

We want to have a surprise just before the big finish.  We will see what the city lets us do.  Then you will have to go over the “tall” wall we spoke of earlier.  This wall is 8 feet tall.  There is no rope.  You have to jump up and get over it.  Our hope is you can make it yourself.  If not, other participants and race volunteers can help you, but no one from the crowd is allowed to help.  Jump up, grab the top and throw those legs over.  Then you will have just enough space to SPRINT to the finish!!  Let’s just hope you have the energy!