What People are Saying

Thank you so much for your generous financial contribution.  This week, thanks to your help, my mother got a new pair of glasses and was able to get her dentures fixed.  She could not believe it when she got your check, we are so happy and thankful.  Truthfully, she could not do this without you.  Thanks again for your wonderful gift.

Veronica W.

I like to say thank you for your help.  With your help I am in remission for the 3rd I had cancer for 8 years and you are only one that help me.  I see all this stuff on TV about cancer and no one would help me but you.

I didn’t understand they was taking all this money to help people.  So I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart

Virgie R.

I am writing to thank you for financial assistance I have received from Celma Mastry Ovarian Cancer Foundation.  This money will go toward paying many medical and living expenses I encountered due to my chemo treatments.  I would not have be able to battle ovarian

Cancer going through six cycles of chemotherapy without your help.  Thank you again for all you do.

Olga B.

Thank you so much for the assistance you have given me in managing my Ovarian Cancer.  I am so very grateful to you because this money will go towards the payment of some very large bills which I could not afford before your donation.

When I was told a little over a month ago that I had this vicious stage 4 disease at the age of 44, many things went through my mind.  The typical, how do I overcome a 17% survival rate, how do I continue taking care of my 16 year old daughter whom I am veryclose with and how do I afford the overwhelming costs of these treatments which cost monthly more than I make on disability?  I ask myself how do I do all of this as a single mom with the inability to work?  I was sincerely worried about feeding my child on a monthly  basis and keeping her in the only home she has ever known.   I have great doctors, but let’s be real, this is a business to them and the first thing I heard before I even met my doctor the first time was, “how will you be paying for your treatments?”  Though everyone has been very nice and compassionate about it, this in itself sent me into immediate tears and a strong panic.

I want you to know that all of my panic over the financial portion of my illness has been greatly relieved by your generous contribution.  It is so very comforting to know that there is a wonderful organization such as the Celma Mastry Ovarian Cancer Foundation out there. That is so supportive.  Futhermore, it has helped me just knowing and most of all “feeling” that I am not alone in this battle against this fierce disease.  It gives me so much optimism in looking ahead and somehow I know inside that I will someday call myself a “survivor”of Ovarian Cancer!  Thank you so much for all of the assistance that you have provided me with and may able to provide in the future, both monetarily and informationl.  Your kindness and support will never be forgotten.

Kelley P.

Thank you so much for your help.  I pray you are blessed a 100 fold in return.  You are appreciated so much and thanks for honoring your mother and blessing others.  Thank you again so much.

Jeannine C.

Thank you so much for the monetary help you have sent.  It will be a great help with my treatments!  Thank the good Lord you are there to help.  Your prayers are most welcome.  Trusting in the Lord

Patricia B.

I have awesome news! I was diagnosed in December of 2010 with Stage IV Ovarian cancer. I went through 6 months of aggressive chemo and now am on Avastin IVs every 2 weeks. My tumor/lesion shrunk from a very large mass that had also spread through my abdomen, colon, and lymph nodes in my neck. It was inoperable and my prognosis was grim. Latest CAT scan showed it is not in any other organs, not in my bones or lymph nodes and is limited to a shrunken lesion on my right ovary. My sincere thanks to Celma Mastry for all your help. No other organization would give me the time of day, much less listen, and give me information and assistance. You are the best!

Linda V., Survivor, Pt Charlotte, FL

It is almost impossible to describe what I see, for mine are the eyes of an ovarian cancer survivor.  When I look out into the world, and observe the members of the CMOCF, I see a group of people so diverse, yet so committed to MY fight.  A fight to educate and a fight to provide for those who can’t provide for themselves, due to this cunning, baffling disease.  It is a fight to be seen and heard over all others though we are fewer in number.

I have learned many lessons from this group, and how to give of myself in a selfless way.  I go to sleep at night knowing that there are others who truly care about me and my journey.  I wake up every morning knowing that I have the tools to fulfill a mission.  A mission of bringing the community together to assist those in my shoes and honor those less fortunate than I.  CMOCF has given me the strength, courage and structure to be heard so that young girls and older women alike never have to see the world through my eyes, the eyes of an ovarian cancer survivor.

Melissa S., Suvivor